REVIEW: The Truehearts’ “Songs For Spike” is Summer Sampler


The Truehearts showcase their rock inspired versatility and flexibility on their new album, Songs for Spike, with a wide range of styles. The popular East Nashville duo Debra Buonaccorsi and Steve McWilliams were joined by producer Dave Coleman for this one, with Brian Hinchliffe on bass, Pete Pulkrabek on drums, and featuring cameos by Robert Gay and Diego Vasquez respectively on trumpet and trombone, Richard Bailey on banjo and Paul Niehaus on pedal steel.  Debra Buonaccorsi is the keys, acoustic guitar and vocal anchor with Steve McWilliams on acoustic and electric guitar and vocals too.  The freshness of their vocal harmonies and the rock energy permeating the duo’s musical decisions are a landmark apparent throughout the album as they pivot though different styles.

The opening song “Won’t It Be Something” is a rockabilly number with Gay and Vasquez on brass, and launches the project way up high — high energy, that is.

The duo steers into a little heartland rock on “Sunshine and Violets” and then morphs into the bluegrass “PFC Frankie Walker” with Richard Bailey on banjo.

“Mamzelle Marie” is a bouncy riveting homage to African claver rhythms (think Buddy Holly’s “Not Fade Away” (and the crowd at Grateful Dead shows stomping out the rhythm long after the song ended), or “Hand Jive”).

“Hey Hey” takes a turn into another rhythmic variation with a groovy funky style.  And by the time you get to “Let it Sing” you have a vocal centered, soaring anthemic number. And then “Late July” brings us into the psychedelic realm.

The summer season is upon us and you may already find yourself seeking just the right summer music mixtape to carry you through all the gatherings. With Songs For Spike, you’ve got a ready made party mix by the talented Truehearts.  Check it out here:

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