REVIEW: Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers’ “No Good Deed”


Saxophone player extraordinaire Mindi Abair (Aerosmith and Duran Duran) and the Boneshakers are releasing No Good Deed (Pretty Good For A Girl Records) on June 28th.  The Boneshakers feature Abair, Randy Jacobs (Bonnie Raitt) on guitars and vocals, Rodney Lee on B3, piano, synthesizers and vocal; Third Richardson on percussion and vocals; and Ben White on bass and ukulele bass.  Everyone kicks in on the vocals.  Additional musicians include Lee Thornbery on trumpet and trombone, Paulie Cerra on tenor sax (both on the smokin’ version of Tina Turner’s “Baby, Get It On”), and Nick Lane on trombone on “Bad News.”  No Good Deed was produced by Kevin Shirley.

“Seven Day Fool” is a blues-driven fast-paced tribute to doing everyday things for the person you love and literally rockin’ it. “I’ll be your seven day fool, only because I really love you.”

With “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” the band veers into a heavy hitting blues-rock tribute to the wrenching surprise discovery of another woman after everything the lyrical protagonist has done in the relationship, and you can hear Randy Jacobs’ Bonnie Raitt-esque style on full display on this knock-out number.

The cover of the Rascals’ “You Better Run” has a down ‘n dirty groove with Abair’s punctuated sax ringing through like a primal call, and captivating, outstanding organ: “I can’t stand your alibis, tell me why?”

“Sweetest Lies” plumbs the depths again with a slower tempo, but the anguish of the blues continues unabated, this time as unmasked desperation.

“Bad News” displays some traditional blues punctuated by what sounds like a “triangle” — but it’s Third Richardson on a wine glass! — amidst the horns, while “Baby Get It On” kicks into high gear again with another extravaganza of horns, and more vocals, by Jacobs this time, as a call and response with Adair: “come on, baby, let’s get it on,” and an extended sax solo with echoes by the lead guitar.

From start to finish No Good Deed Goes Unpunished is a seriously heavy hitter with a refreshingly strong woman at the helm.

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