Song Premiere: Gregory Ackerman’s “We’ve Got a Runner”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Gregory Ackerman’s “We’ve Got a Runner” from his upcoming October 4th EP release on Munich Records, Stresslove.  Stresslove was produced and mixed by Pierre de Reeder (Rilo Kiley) at 64 Sound studio and mastered by Mark Chalecki. “We’ve Got a Runner” is Keenan McDaniel on drums/percussion, Gregory Ackerman on piano, guitars, shaker, bass, vocals, synthesizer, marimba, and xylophone, with Malarie Howard on vocals.

“We’ve Got a Runner” starts off with clean production and low husky vocals and continues to spin a gentle tale of breakup, over highlighted, ethereal marimba, shakers and even handclaps in the mix.  It’s a stirring percussive ensemble, over moving vocals and guitar, and an enticing harbinger of the upcoming EP.

‘We’ve Got A Runner’ was a song I wrote after college after a break up. I recorded it in my room and posted a demo version on Soundcloud in 2015, but always wanted to resurrect it in a studio. It’s a breakup song, and since it went with the theme of the EP – love songs meant for those who had fallen out of love – I decided to rerecord it this year and throw it on the list.  – Gregory Ackerman


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