Chapter Premiere: Shane Smith and the Saints’ “The Path”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Shane Smith & the Saints’ third chapter, “the Path,” from their four chapter LP Hail Mary. “The Path” will be available on June 14th, and Hail Mary will be available on June 28. Produced by Mark Needham, and coordinated by Andrew Brightman, Hail Mary was recorded at Orb Studios in Austin, Texas.  The song is: Shane Smith on guitar and vocals, Bennett Brown on fiddle, Dustin Schaefer on lead guitar, with rhythm section Chase Satterwhite on bass and Zach Stover on drums.

The project is divided into four chapters, of which this third consists of two songs:  “We Were Something,” and “We’ll Never Know.” With Shane Smith’s rugged, earnest vocals setting the tone over piano and cello, “We Were Something” tells the tale of a story of heartbreak and the question of whether to move on:  “to hell with the old oak tree where the carving used to be… even a fool can see we were something.”   “We’ll Never Know” continues the query with a snap drum beat and a more hopeful note sounding within the depths. Hail Mary is an anthemic saga through several stages, with Smith’s soaring vocals and the band rallying their grit.

“Each chapter is broken down in a way to where it tells a story. A lot of it is more on a personal level with me and learning to be a better man and more present. It’s about relationships and everyone involved with this band. There are a lot of underlying tones of getting just getting through everything that life throws at you. That’s the case with this chapter, The Path. You can hear it in the lyrics with this one. — Shane Smith

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