Song Premiere: Charlie Roth’s “Serenity” from Upcoming Album “I’m the Smile”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Charlie Roth’s “Serenity” from his upcoming release I’m the Smile due to be released on June 7th. I’m the Smile was produced by Charlie Roth & John Inmon; recorded, mixed and mastered by Pat Manske at The Zone Recording Studio in Dripping Springs Texas. “Serenity” is Charlie Roth on acoustic guitar, harmonica & vocals; John Inmon on acoustic, electric, slide, dobro & baritone guitar; Javier Chaparro violins; Mike Morgan on bass and Pat Manske on drums and percussion.

Charlie Roth’s vocals drip with crystal clear fraility, as he spins a tale about a little girl named “Serenity” and her father’s struggles. Javier Chaparro is utterly superlative on the violin, and the whole song assembles itself in layers between the two highlights of the vocals and the violin solos, with echoes you can feel through to the bone on harmonica and baritone guitar.  “The only comfort you find is over ice cubes and glass… ‘Serenity’ sure is a pretty name.” Treat yourself to layers of I’m the Smile this June.

I wrote this song after meeting this young girl. Her dad Paul was taking his whole family camping at the Moccasin Creek Festival in Effingham Illinois. It took me 10 hours of driving to come up with the first verse. I took a break from it and wondered where it was leading me.

This song is about getting your life together after living as pickle, once you have been a pickle you can never be a cucumber again. Alcohol has taken away so many good dads from their families. I hope this song helps someone who is struggling. Personally, 3 years of making this record as a sober person has been a very good thing..Who knew sobriety could be so cool?

Serenity is hard to find even when you have gotten sober. If you don’t have a problem with alcoholism having a drink or two never hurts anyone. Party on Wayne! this song is not about you. Everybody knows someone who this song is about. I have known many and watched a few of them die.  –Charlie Roth

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