REVIEW: Jericho Woods’ “One Perfect Sound” is Reminiscent of Favorite ’90s Country


Have you ever listened to an album for the first time and immediately knew you liked it and you couldn’t put your finger on why? Then as you continued listening, you realized in this instance it’s because it reminds you of music of your youth?  This was exactly my feeling listening to the Kentucky based band, Jericho Woods, co-founded by cousins, Paul Priest and Josh Mitcham.  As soon as I heard the first track from the album One Perfect Sound, “Wrong Things, Right Reasons,”  I was taken back to the 90’s country of my childhood, when I loved to listen to groups like Diamond Rio and Shenandoah. This track sounds like it was pulled from the radio in the 90’s and would have been a hit for one of the aforementioned groups. It’s a song for those that live for the weekend.  It’s the tune you’ve waited all week to listen to and when 5:00 on Friday rolls around, it’s the song you’re going to turn on as soon as you get in your car. It’s the kickoff to your weekend, when you know you’re going to do some things you regret, but you’ll have fun doing so.

Jericho Woods was founded in 2013, after Paul and Josh decided to join forces and start their own group. Paul had previously been playing with acts like Bobby Osborne and Josh had been playing with another group for the 10-12 years prior to them starting Jericho Woods.  Going off on their own wasn’t always easy; there were highs and lows that naturally came with the life of a musician. Highs like their self-titled EP debuting at number 14 on the iTunes country chart, their single being featured on CMT and being named artists to watch by various music publications. Then the bottom fell out and the band lost their drummer and lead guitar player. Left with no label and no manger, the cousins decided it was time to rebuild and they did just that.

Now, in 2019, the band is releasing their first album in two years and they’ve come back even stronger than before. The ten song album is full of influences from 80’s and 90’s country and southern rock. Paul and Josh teamed up with a dream team of musicians to put forth One Perfect Sound. Artists like guitarist John McDaniel, steel guitar player Smith Curry, fiddle player Jimmy Mattingly (Garth Brooks), and keyboardist Rami Jaffe (Foo Fighters, Wallflowers). You add fiddle player Anna Blanton (Colter Wall) and revamp your band with Aaryn Martin (guitar) and Will Johnston (drums).

“Miss Divine” is a sultry tune, rife with sounds of fiddle and the guitar riffs that would be at home at any flamenco show. It’s the tune that makes you want to get up, grab someone and dance. Reminiscent of Marty Robbins tunes like, “Devil Woman” or “El Paso”, this song is about a rendezvous on the border with a fiery woman. It’s full of great imagery and you can almost see the temptress who sings, “Seven Spanish Angels” with tequila in each hand.

Another favorite on the album is the rollicking, “Love the Way You Love Me”  which has a beachy, island vibe interwoven throughout the song. You won’t find a deep love ballad here, but it’s a lighthearted take on love that you can’t help but like and the fiddle playing at the end of the song hits you right in the heart.  You really can’t miss with this album and if you’re not in the mood for murder ballads and prefer something more lighthearted, well, then you can’t go wrong with One Perfect Sound.

One Perfect Sound releases on May 3, 2019, which just so happens to be Oaks Day in Kentucky. You can find the album for purchase on their website ( or buy it from them at one of their upcoming live shows.

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