Video Premiere: Sci-Fi Romance’s “The War in Me”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of the video from their album Dreamers & Runaways. The album is Vance Kotrla on vocals, guitars, drums, piano, vibraphone, theremin; with Jody Stark on cello and Mr. Mike on drums.

The video was directed by Vance Kotrla and shot by Sean Jacobs. The song expresses a lyrical vulnerability, acknowledging the mask we all wear for the world. With thoughtful guitar and cello, Sci-Fi Romance will capture your attention and your emotions will follow on Dreamers & Runaways.

On a record where so many of the songs were driven by what was going on in the world, this is probably the one that was most directly about what was going on inside me. It’s about the difference between what somebody is able to project to the world, or to others, and how that masks the mess inside. — Vance Kotrla

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