Video Premiere: Lovers Leap’s “Great Expectations”

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Americana Highways premieres this video of “Great Expectations” by Lovers Leap, from their self-titled EP which is due to be released on April 19. Lovers Leap is Shelby Means (Della Mae), Joel Timmons (Sol Driven Train) and Billy Cardine and Mary Lucey (both from Biscuit Burners).

The video is a live performance of the four-piece onstage with their acoustic instruments and snappy lyrics accentuated by whistles.  With big smiles all around, Lovers Leap combines the casual fun of a summer afternoon with their Appalachian roots musical style and wide ranging, up and down vocal harmonies.  Life is all about managing what happens when “Great Expectations” don’t turn out as planned, and this song provides an effective prescription for just how to carry on.

I wrote this song in a hammock, making the best out of a broken down van and a change of plans. It’s really fun to play live with four part harmonies and a great bass groove. This performance was captured at one of our favorite venues in a Asheville, NC. I was having a bad hair day, but I found my new on stage identity that night: HAT GUY. Unfortunately I lost that hat a few days later. — Joel Timmons

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