REVIEW: Robbie Walden Band Brings Soul to the Honky Tonk on ‘When the Rooster Crows’


Laments about the state of country music are nothing new. The thing is that the people who make those laments have obviously not heard When the Rooster Crows, the new album by Robbie Walden Band.

Country music has a way of looking toward the past. This album has a fine example. You can hear it in both the melody and lyrics of the opening track “50 Years Too Late.” The melody brings Waylon Jennings to mind – especially in the bass line by Blake Flemming and the pedal steel of Dan Tyack. Walden sings that he was born “50 years too late” and was “raised on my granddad’s ways.”

Between the Waylon sounds, the pure honky-tonk goodness of songs like “Dark Days”and “Take Me Back,” this album provides a healthy dose of country. However, there is also a soul component of this album too thanks in large part to the horn section: Diego Ruiz (trumpet, sax), Austin Long (sax), Jacob Herring (trombone) and Colby Sander. “Chains and Shackles” opens with doo-wop vocals. As the song progresses, you hear a horn section. and organ that bring some Memphis soul to the song. That sort of Memphis soul sound is wrapped around the country sounds in “Thank God for You” and “I’m to Blame.”

A lot of the songs on this album are sure to get you moving. However, the band also shows it can do a pretty good ballad with “Wild Horses.” The narrator describes a woman whose “hair smells like wildflowers, yet there’s whiskey on her breath.” The edited version of this is ready-made for country stations nationwide.

A country album wouldn’t be complete without a duet. “Falling Again in Love” is the duet on this album. The melody is driven by the piano and the guitar. Jordani Sarreal joins Walden on this one and provides harmonies as sweet as any country duet.

One thing is for sure: this album will get you moving. You could say that this is an album made to get couples on a dance floor. When the Rooster Crows was released on February 15 and is available everywhere now. Order your copy here.

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