Song Premiere: the Hollering Pines’ “He Don’t Understand” From Upcoming Album “Moments in Between”

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Americana Highways presents this opening track “He Don’t Understand” from the Hollering Pines’ upcoming album, Moments in Between, due to be released in June.  The album features Marie Bradshaw on vocals and acoustic guitar,  Kiki Jane Sieger on vocals and bass guitar, Daniel Young on drums and percussion; with Horton Smith on mandolin, guitars, cello and piano; Dylan Schorer on guitars and piano.  Additional musicians on the album are Greg Leisz and Gary Morse on pedal steel guitars.

With a snare intro and ethereal hooks, Hollering Pines deftly combine jam hooks with country lyrical delivery.  “He Don’t Understand” is a simple declaration with complex musicianship that certainly bodes well for Moments in Between to be a captivating album.

I wrote “He Don’t Understand” after the phrase, ‘if I can’t have you I’d rather be alone’ was rattling around in my brain for a few weeks. I love the simplicity of classic country songs about love, and that was the inspiration. Even when that love is completely one-sided, it’s usually an all-in, stand-by-your-man, sort of love song. The fate of this song was a little uncertain for a long time while but once we got into the studio everything just finally came together intuitively. That’s one of the best things about arranging music as a band.  -Marie Bradshaw

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