Video Premiere: The Brothers Reed “Never Mind” Is Inspirational Anthem

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Americana Highways is pleased to bring you this video premiere of “Never Mind” from The Brothers Reed. “Never Mind” features Aaron Reed on vocals, guitars and drums, Philip Reed on piano, vocals and guitars;  T.J Eilers on bass; Nancy Martin on cello.

The video for “Never Mind” was directed, filmed and edited by Daniel McCarty w/ Focalfire Films.  The song is dedicated “to all the people preaching love who don’t seem to care about anyone but their own,” a sentiment that many people don’t even recognize attaches to them.  The song continues to build up energy in anthemic style to searing electric solos, while the lyrics hope to inspire us to be better.  The video cuts in and out of scenes of the band on a mountainside in natural, even glum, settings, with cinematography that’s sometimes surreal as the setting’s dirt roads bring us back to reality.  As for the music, The Brothers Reed really ought to be on your radar this spring.

We were on tour in Pittsburgh on the day the Parkland, FL school shooting happened. Feeling the weight of these recurring tragedies Aaron found himself sitting in the music room of the house we were staying at grieving through song when he began writing “Never Mind” which can best be described as a frustration-filled cry, followed by despair to the fact that these things hardly ever change. — Philip Reed

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