Song Premiere: Ky Burt’s “Midwestern Sky” from Upcoming Album “The Sky In Between”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Ky Burt’s “Midwestern Sky” from The Sky in Between, due to be released April 5th.  Produced by Tyler Fortier, the album is a tapestry of songs that appeal to the quiet spaces of smaller towns and nature as the key to staying grounded.

“Midwestern Sky” is Ky Burt on lead vocals, acoustic guitar and banjo; Matthew Holmes on bass and double bass: Collin Stackhouse on violin; Phillip Rogers on drums, Tyler Fortier on keys, piano, Nashville High Strung guitar, and tambourine with Anna Tivel on harmony vocals.  Burt’s earnest vocals over an acoustic introduction sound positively celestial, until the song hits its stride and the anthemic qualities kick in.  Then we’re soaring aloft with the energy of “creaking floorboards and a chair to pass the time, I wait until the sun goes down … walk the road back home, under this Midwestern Sky.”


I wrote this song when reminiscing about my childhood days in the Midwest spent staring out across vast open corn fields. I wondered about my great grandfather and the choices he made to stay here long ago and build roots. I wanted to honor that part of him in this song while also contemplating my own generational choice to ‘pack up my suitcase and leave. It’s a testament to the nomadic nature of my generation and the need to once again lay deep roots. — Ky Burt

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