Song Premiere: Andrew Adkins’ “Fragile Heart” From Forthcoming Album “Who I Am”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of “Fragile Heart” from Andrew Adkins’ upcoming release Who I AmWho I Am features Adkins and a host of West Virginia musicians: Chris Stockwell (dobro), Johnny Staats (mandolin), Ammed Solomon (drums), Clint Lewis (bass), Bud Carroll, Ron Sowell (guitar), as well as Mira Stanley, Chuck Costa, Cara May Gorman, Stephen Struss (of The Sea The Sea) and Annie Neeley on harmonies and background vocals, and was produced by Ron Sowell (Mountain Stage Radio).  Adkins is “The Crow’s Nest” radio host in Charleston WV, and will make his debut on Mountain Stage Radio on the album’s release day: March 15th.

“Fragile Heart” features Andrew Adkins (vocals), Ron Sowell (guitar), Bud Carroll (electric baritone guitar, engineer), Chris Stockwell (dobro), Johnny Staats (mandolin), Clint Lewis (bass) and Annie Neeley (harmonies).  In an album full of casual, thoughtful imagery, gritty vocals and clear instrumentalism, this song is superb.  The music is lovely and striking, as the acoustic guitar and mandolin relay licks back and forth, and the electric instruments echo them down along the lower registers. “There was a time I gave my love away free, gave it to a girl who never loved me… every lesson I learned… even the ones that tore me apart, they all shaped this fragile heart.” You’ll process and be able to let the hard lessons go along with Adkins on this one, because even the painful ones combine to create that fragile heart.

Check the on-air schedule at and bookmark the release broadcast. 

“Fragile Heart” is a reflection on my youth. No particular girl. No particular relationship. Just looking back at my life up until this point. Mistakes. Regrets. All the things I would have done differently. But by the time I finished the song, I realized I wouldn’t change a thing, and what a gift that is. — Andrew Adkins

The album will be on sale everywhere music is sold by March15th at while you’re listening to “Fragile Heart” right here.

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