Song Premiere: The Belle Curves’ “Greener”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of The Belle Curves’ “Greener” from forthcoming album , which was produced by Delaney Hafener at Silo Studio with Bill Hafener co-producing.  “Greener” features Delaney Hafener on guitars, vocals and bass, with Al Criscuola on drums.

With a dreamy intro, and an uplifting guitar riffs, “Greener” tells the story of the lyrical protagonist’s resignation to the fact that the grass may indeed not be greener after all.  “Greener”‘s keen sense of timing, and nonchalant rhythm will dust you off, pick you up, and send you on your way again.

“Greener” is one of those songs could almost be a page in my diary. It’s mostly about New York City, and feeling so crushed by it, its omnipresence and the seeming inevitability of moving there. I have a tendency to imagine all the better places there are to live but I also try to be aware that there’s no such thing as a perfect city or town. I wrote it at the time when my partner was on a long road trip while I was still in college, and it was the first time we spent more than a few days apart so I was feeling generally very untethered. I was fighting with feelings of ambiguity and the unknown when I wrote “Greener.” I’ve become much more comfortable with those changes and uncertainties, but in my first year out of school the song has become relevant again. –Delaney Hafener



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