Song Premiere: “Stranded” By Roses & Cigarettes

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Americana Highways is happy to debut this lovely song “Stranded” from Roses & Cigarettes’ upcoming release  Echoes and Silence.  The duo, who named themselves after their favorite Ray La Montagne song, is Jenny Pagliaro (vocals) and Angela Petrilli  (acoustic and electric guitars); the album features Marc Broussard (vocals), along with Harrison and Phoebe Crenshaw (background vocals), Vito Gutilla (violin), Chris Lawrence (pedal steel), Michael Lyons (bass) Gayle Smith (cello) Vic Vanacore III (drums and percussion) and Bobby Victor (keys and organs).  It was produced by Michael Lyons and mixed by Ryan Lipman.

If you need a joyful yet sad, honest and plaintive song about love — and hoping this time you’ll both choose it — this one will stay with you.  With its powerful vocal inflections and layers of heart-tugging stringed instruments, pedal steel, organ and more, prepare to seek out the tissues.

This song is about the beginnings of a relationship, people get scared and run for all sorts of reasons. This song is about asking that person not to run away from you. It’s about asking that person to stay present with you. –Jenny Pagliaro

We had been over at Jenny’s for a songwriting session and she sat on the floor and started to sing the chorus of the song. I found the chords to the notes she was singing and the song was born. When we first wrote it, it clocked in at 6:30 minutes…a bit too long so we had to cut parts! We are honored and thankful to have Marc Broussard on this song with us. His vocals add such a beautiful dimension to “Stranded.” — Angela Petrilli

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