Song Premiere: Christine Sweeney’s “Coyote” From Upcoming Album

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Americana Highways brings you this song premiere of Christine Sweeney’s “Coyote” from her forthcoming album, which was recorded by Matt Murphy, and mixed by Jim Sabella and Matt Murphy at Sabella Studios (Long Island NY), and mastered by Matt Einsidler.

“Coyote” is a subtle, bare bones recording with Sweeney on vocals and her acoustic guitar, as it showcases her songwriting skills and bluesy vocal delivery.  “I ain’t no coyote, but you got me howlin’ in the night,” she croons as she urges us all to take a closer look in the mirror at our own complex characters and motives.

When I was writing this tune, I was trying to think of something that could symbolize something that has a bad reputation, but maybe is not all that bad. I had a rough time for a bit I remember howling out crying one night about a particular subject that really was hurting me. And it hit me, I sounded like an animal. Really, the song is about someone trying to make you out to be the bad guy and hurting you in the process. But it’s also about people needing to listen more to the other side, and stop being so quick to point a finger or hurt someone because they’re seeing it differently. A lot of people have difficulty confronting the idea that they’re actually the one that hurt or wronged the other, not the reverse. When it comes down to it, at a certain point, we’ve all been the bad guy. But we’ve all been the good guy, too. If we lose sight of that, and we stop listening, we’re just animals.
Give it a listen, right here:
Tour dates:
1/31/19 The Good Life Massapequa NY
2/17/19 The Knitting Factory NY
3/23/19 NYRMA show Huntington NY
5/11/19 Oswego Music Hall Oswego NY
6/23/19 1867 Sanctuary Ewing NJ

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