Video Premiere: Ynana Rose’s “Mendocino Sunrise” from Album “Tea Leaf Confessions” is Healing Short Story

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photo by Carolyn Eicher

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Ynana Rose’s “Mendocino Sunrise,” from her album Tea Leaf Confessions.  “Mendocino Sunrise” features Ynana Rose on guitar and vocals; Damon Castillo on electric guitar and bass; Bob Liepman on cello; Larry Kim on piano and Paul Griffith on drums.  Its video was directed by Barry Goyette.

Anyone who’s had the good fortune of having spent time in Northern California will enjoy this resonance with the area’s natural riches and vibrations.  And if you haven’t, this song and the video’s footage will lead you there and show you.  The video is a short film of a woman who has lost her mother and is invited to Mendocino to heal in the sunrise.  From Rose’s powerful soaring vocals, to the hushed instrumentation, this will bring your grieving, healing tears to release.

I was born in Mendocino, just a few hundred yards from the ocean. It’s one of the places in the world that anchors my story, where I feel closest to the people I’ve lost & who I am. I tried to capture the unfolding of night’s darkness into dawn’s light, how that mirrors the cycle of grief. Nature always helps me move through sadness and reminds me of impermanence, mystery & interconnectedness. This song was co-written with Damon Castillo, and director Barry Goyette did an incredible job of telling a four-minute story in a beautiful, personal way.  The unique, wild beauty of Mendocino really comes through, and actress Ali Coleman illuminates throughout. — Ynana Rose

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