Song Premiere: Pete Mancini’s “DUI Blues” from Forthcoming Album

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Americana Highways is pleased to be the home base for Pete Mancini’s song premiere “DUI Blues” from his album due out in early 2019 on Diversion Records. “DUI Blues” features Pete Mancini on vocals, guitar and bass with Tom Ryan on drums, and was recorded and mixed by Bill Herman at Paradiddle Studios.

“DUI Blues” relates a tale that hits all too close to home, as it tells the story of enjoying a few too many at the bar.  “A country band was playing,” he “bought another round,” one thing led to another, we’ve all been there. Its lyrical tongue-in-cheek details unfold over over country guitar tones and a fast-paced, step-down, classic country beat.

I was listening to a lot of George Jones at the time and wanted to write something in that classic country style. Originally DUI Blues was a ballad, which didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. I wrote it off and moved on as the style didn’t fit with the band I was playing in at the time. Years later, I found the demo and tried speeding it up, which worked really well. It’s now one of my favorite songs to play live. Luckily it’s not based on a true story.  — Pete Mancini

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