Song Premiere: Martha Spencer’s “Let the Wild Stay Free” from Upcoming Self-Titled Album

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Martha Spencer’s “Let the Wild Stay Free” from her upcoming release Martha Spencer, co-produced by Spencer, Frank Rische (Lillie Mae) and Wesley Easter, and recorded at Eastwood Studios.
This song features Martha Spencer lead vocals, banjo, and bass, plus Frank Rische on lead/rhythm guitar and harmony vocals, Billy Hurt Jr. on fiddle
Spencer is the daughter of Emily and Thornton Spencer of the Whitetop Mountain Band, and grew up immersed in long taproots of roots music.  This song is an ode to those born to wander, with classic bluegrass stylings over banjo and fiddle.  Spencer encourages us to “let the caged birds spread their wings,” with tingling harmonies and another example of the timelesness of bluegrass music.
“Let the Wild Stay Free” is a song I wrote about being able to let go and being free in life. Some of the things you love most, you can’t hold on to and if you tried to do, you might lose the very thing that made you love them in the first place. A lot of special things you know are temporary as are all things in life, I suppose. That’s some of what that song meant to me when writing it. I thought of picked flowers, lightning bugs in jars or people who just can’t stay. I guess I have always been a bit of a free spirit and liked to roam and ramble too. I think I finished the melody to this one while out on the road on a Crooked Road tour with my folks. I played the old time banjo on this number; Frank Rische was on guitar, and Billy Hurt Jr. on fiddle. 

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  1. Mighty fine ! Martha may just be the next version of Hazel Dickinson! Lord knows we need more like her but then that’s why Martha is Martha ! Look for the “Martha” fashion line of clothing and cosmetics, very soon !

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