REVIEW: Sugarcane Jane’s “Southern State of Mind” is a Finely-Crafted Labor of Love


Southern State of Mind is the most recent album by husband/wife duo Sugarcane Jane. The Alabama Gulf-Coast based group, which consists of Savana Lee Crawford and Anthony Crawford, have made a name for themselves with their rich vocal harmonies and outstanding lyricism. The duo fills their sound out, bringing the energy of a full band, with Savana and Anthony showcasing their multi-instrumentalism. Their new album, co-produced by well-known singer-songwriter Buzz Cason, is a finely-crafted labor of love.

The influence of traditional sounds fills this album, from the bluegrass influenced vocal style in “Cabin on the Hill” to the folk ballad approach taken in “Red Flag Warning.” While traditional sounds inform the sound, the duo manages to create new magic and find an original sound. They tamper with indie rock in the White Stripes-esque “Destiny,” and find influence from indie folk in “The One Before Me.” The feel good stomper “Campfire” and nostalgic “Southern State of Mind” will remind any southerner of home, painting pictures out of the the mystique of the American South. Sugarcane Jane hits their peak of vocal performance in the aptly titled “Man of the Fewest Words,” with Savana and Anthony trading lines back and forth before coming together for fine tuned harmonies in the chorus. “Rainbow” is a reminder to hold on through the bad, because good things come to those who wait. The album closes with two songs that feel like honest love letters to one another. “How Do You Know” and “We Can Dream” seem like they may have come out of a page of the couple’s life together.

You can hear the love in the vocal harmonies Savana and Anthony share throughout this astounding record. Not only love for eachother, but love for the music. Despite Anthony Crawford’s long history working with top players in the industry (Neil Young, Rosanne Cash, Steve Winwood), Sugarcane Jane is his and Savana Lee’s passion project, and you can hear the passion in Southern State of Mind. Get your copy at



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