Listen: Entire Album Premiere of the Kenny George Band’s “Silent Saint”

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Americana Highways hereby brings you a premiere of the Kenny George Band’s forthcoming EP Silent Saint, produced by Shawn Guess and recorded in part at Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Studios and in part at thedigitalhalo studios.   George (lead guitar, vocals, songwriter), Center Ely (steel guitar), Brooks Andrews (bass) and Scott Rankin (rhythm guitar, harmony vocals) of the Kenny George Band are releasing this first project since the heartbreaking loss of their drummer, Bucky Brown.  It’s due out October 19.

Silent Saint represents humanity at its most admirable, with songs that never sweep the difficult loss under the rug.  It is completely fitting that the music is all Americana, with its signature emotive style, structured in that magical way to allow us to feel authentically.  And with lyrics like “I folded my queens and fell apart at the seems” (while playing cards with the devil) in “New Orleans” over sorrowful steel guitar, and “when you’re this close to the bottom it seems like the place to be” in “2 More Songs About Heartbreak,” we can all relate because we are all in this together.

The Silent Saint EP serves as a tribute to our brother Bucky Brown, but its also an introduction to our new incarnation as a band. It is our way of paying homage to past that we are very proud of and looking forward to the future. — Kenny George

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