Listen: Exclusive Song Premiere of Dylan’s “Everything is Broken” Covered by Mary Lee Kortes as Companion to Her Book “Dreaming of Dylan”

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Americana Highways brings you this song, Mary Lee Kortes’ cover of “Everything is Broken,” as a companion to her upcoming anthology Dreaming of Dylan (BMG) to be available on November 13th.  Kortes has edited a collection of dreams people have reported having had about Bob Dylan in this whimsical book designed to be a gift item with quality illustration and aesthetic presentation. Her version of the song has a whimsical story behind it as well:

This is the second Dylan song I ever covered, after ‘Buckets of Rain.’ I grabbed a paintbrush on my way out of the house to the gig because I wanted to play an eighth-note tambourine part and thought it would sound better with a brush than my hand, but I didn’t have actual drummer’s brushes! “Paint-brush tambourine” is now a tradition when we do this song, whose title is ringing true and timely once again. ‘Everything is Broken,’ except my love of singing this song. —Mary Lee Kortes

This song is a live performance in rockabilly style that’s true to the original Dylan, with lively accordion.  You can pre-order the book here:   while you’re listening to the song, here:

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