Watch and Listen: Song and Video Premieres for The Deep Hollow’s “Hangin’ On”

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Americana Highways is pleased to bring you this double premiere — the song and the video — of the track “Hangin’ On” from the Deep Hollow’s soon-to-be-released album Weary Traveler (due on November 9th).   “Hangin’ On” features Micah Walk on vocals, acoustic guitar, and harmonica, Dave Littrell on vocals and electric guitar, Jeff Cunningham on bass, Brandt Sitze on drums, and Liz Eckert on vocals.  Weary Traveler was produced by Gary Gordon and The Deep Hollow.

This is the best kind of mournful harmonica and steel dobro combined with the best kind of poignant lyrics and vocal delivery.  “You should have said what you were thinking” — isn’t that the truth.  Bravo to The Deep Hollow for hitting the Americana sweet spot!  Micah Walk says:

BanHangin’ On was inspired by how my wife and I met, or really how long it took for us to meet. We lived in the same small town and had mutual friends, but somehow took years to find each other. A lot of this song is me, kind of imagining a time, where we may have crossed paths without even realizing it. When I think about who I was several years ago, though, I wonder if she would have even wanted anything to do with me then! She’s so classy, patient and graceful, though. I think it must take a lot of patience and grace to be married to a songwriter.
I admit that I write a lot of songs that aren’t necessarily happy. But she has inspired me to write some happier tunes. It’s good to find someone who supports whatever you’re hanging onto, even if some folks think it’s a little crazy.
I’m a big Ryan Adams fan. His work is so eclectic, but I think there may be some of his influence in this song, especially his more Folk/Americana stuff.
This is the first song I’ve ever recorded harmonica on. I actually just started playing some harmonica within the past few years. And, funny little side note: I LOVE playing shakers and maracas! A lot of the shakers and maracas you hear on our records is me. I think a lot of people think it’s easy, but playing those instruments in time for four minutes straight is actually kind of tricky! I find it strangely satisfying. — Micah Walks

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