REVIEW: The Lauren Morrow EP is a Quality Debut Covering Universal Truths


The Lauren Morrow EP features a collection of expertly penned songs from a promising up-and-comer in the Nashville scene. A member of the Atlanta-based country group The Whiskey Gentry, Lauren Morrow’s new solo project uses story-songwriting to reveal a more personal side of herself and explore universal truths. After moving to East Nashville in 2017, Morrow and her husband Jason Morrow began working intently on her solo project. Morrow’s heartfelt vocal melodies and soft acoustic guitar define the soundscape of the record, and Jason provides tasty lead electric guitar throughout the tracks.

The record features a lineup of some of Nashville’s finest, including Robbie Crowell (Deer Tick) on keys, Whit Wright on pedal steel, Ted Pecchio on bass, and Jerry Pentecost on drums. Parker Cason produced and engineered the session, which was recorded in Nashville’s Creative Workshop.

According to Morrow, the stories told in her songs are “some real, some fiction, all universal yet personal. The bright country number “Viki Lynn” sagas her mother’s youth, starting from her birth in 1955 and ending when she had Lauren in 1985. “I Don’t Think About You At All” slows the pace of the record momentarily, and features a tasteful 6/8 beat behind it. The idea for the song sprang from a scene in Mad Men. People may talk behind her back, but Morrow believes that the best way to reclaim power from the people who wish to tear her down is to not give them the time of day. “Mess Around” is a message to someone who was once a friend to Morrow, but betrayed her. “You can mess around with other women, but you can’t mess around with me.”

The haunting beauty of the song “Barbara Jean” closes the album on an uncertain note. Supposedly based on a true story, the song is an ode from a man to his dead wife on their 50th anniversary. This isn’t a sad love song though – he killed her, and is now dumping her body in a lake. Featuring an upbeat, sentimental arrangement and quite disturbing lyrics, this song made the largest impact on me of any song on this phenomenal debut. The whole EP features quality songwriting and expert performances, and is sure to win Morrow fans in the Americana scene. Get your copy at  Also you can listen to our earlier audiocast interview of Lauren Morrow at the Americana Music Festival 2018:  Audiocast with Lauren Morrow at Americana Fest 2018


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