Watch: Video Premiere of Jeff Mamett’s “Bing Bang Boom” From “Carry Me Back” Album

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Jeff Mamett’s “Bing Bang Boom,” from his album Carry Me Back due to be released September 21.  The album was produced by Wayne Addleman (Trace Adkins).

The song features Jeff Mamett on vox and bass; Wayne Addleman on pedal steel and “tic tack” bass; electric guitars courtesy of Brian Wooten (who also plays acoustic) and Brent Wilson (who does the solo).    Tigar Bell is on fiddle and backing vocals are performed by Mike Rogers and Marion Grace, with John Richardson drumming.  The videographer for the video was Steve Gibson.

Mamett’s voice has the kind of low country tones that render his vocals instantly classic, while musically it’s all low end country guitar tone to go with it.   Wayne Addleman’s tic tack bass is a funky treat.  “I didn’t go down swinging I just took a dive while my independence was wavin’ good-bye.  I saw stars, heard wedding bells and never even felt the fall” is a tongue-in-cheek love song about getting roped in without ever seeing it coming.

This song is about being “lovestruck”, something I hope everyone gets to experience. When I perform this song live, I often ask if anyone has ever been love struck.  Usually I see folks getting gentle nudges to the ribs and then the hands go up. — Jeff Mamett
You can watch the video below, but first pre-order your copy of the album here:


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