Listen: Premiere of Amy Jay’s “Grief” from Upcoming Album “So It Is”

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Americana Highways presents the premiere of the first single track “Grief” from Amy Jay’s upcoming EP So It Is. The album was produced by Jon Seale of Mason Jar Music (Brooklyn, NY) and features Jay’s vocals, with Chris Parker and Louis Cato on guitars, Jeremy McDonald on bass, Russell Durham on strings and drummer Jordan Rose.

With slide guitar tones that sound like echoes of Tibetan singing bowls, and vocal tones to match, this song is a lilting innovation, and an enticing harbinger of more to come when the album is released.  Its sonic ambience effectively mimics the vibrations of grieving.  Jay sings “oh my soul how could it be, hold onto all you claim to see… don’t let go” and we’re immediately adrift.

If you have ever been in a circumstance that completely wrecks your idea of how life was to go, and are courageous enough to do the painful work of processing what it is now, that’s what this song encapsulates. It’s the self talk you say to get you up in the morning, and the bold scary steps you take to move forward, especially when you don’t understand in the mess of it all.– Amy Jay

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