Listen: Song Premiere of Nate Smith’s “The Flood” From Upcoming Album “Some Kind of Dancing”

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Americana Highways brings you this song premiere of Nate Smith’s “The Flood” from his upcoming album Some Kind of Dancing (produced by Smith, co-produced by Ted Ruddell Camp and Kyle Mann), due out on September 28.   Some Kind of Dancing was recorded at The Station House Studio, Echo Park, CA (engineered by Mark Rains) and Speakeasy Sound Studios, Burbank, CA (engineered by Kyl Mann and Chris Binsfield).  Then the project was mixed by Dave Way at The Waystation, Beverly Hills, CA and mastered by Dave McNair.

“The Flood” features Nate Smith on vox, guitar, and harmonica with Dan Wistrom on pedal steel. Craig Woods plays banjo and chain, and that’s Sarah Kramer you hear on glockenspiel and omnichord.  Rhythmnists Ted Russell Kamp  (bass and other percussion) and Jaimie Douglass (drums and percussion) hold down the beat.

The song is layers of roots rock rhythms and a down home sound, with an expansive vocal delivery with the raw energy of Bruce Springsteen.  One listen to this one and it’s guaranteed to untangle your inner knots and reinvigorate your attitude!

The Flood was written in response to what I see as a rise of fear based cultural behavior in America and throughout the world.   My grandfather and his Great Generation pushed it back decades ago. The song is an acknowledgement of his generation of bravery and sacrifice,  as well as those serving and sacrificing today. And their families. It’s an attempt at reminding us that fascism in any form is not American. — Nate Smith
Listen in two places right here:
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4 thoughts on “Listen: Song Premiere of Nate Smith’s “The Flood” From Upcoming Album “Some Kind of Dancing”

  1. Americana Highways! Thanks for the write up!
    Couple of corrections:
    Guitar, Vocals, Produced: Nate Smith
    Bass, Percussion, co-produced: Ted Russell Kamp
    Drums, Percussion: Jamie Douglass
    Banjo, Percussion: Craig Woods
    No John Shreffler or Aubrey Richmond on this tune, but man the hit it hard on most of the other songs on the album!
    Thanks again Americana Highways!
    Nate Smith

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