Watch: Video Premiere of Sylvia Rose Novak’s “Wildflowers” from Upcoming Album “Someone Else’s War”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Sylvia Rose Novak’s video for the song “Wildflowers” from her upcoming October 5th release Someone Else’s War.  The album was recorded at Birmingham’s Ol Elegante by Lester Nuby III with Novak producing.  The video was edited by videographer Meredith Singer.

With Kellen Riley on guitar with Novak on fiddle; rhythmnists Blake Bolton and Lester Nuby III, and that’s Courtney Blackwell on cello, this song is a blend of hope and apprehension.   The video, with its chilling imagery of fighter planes and war heroes we might worry didn’t come home, delivers the song’s message of fearing the worst and holding your loved ones close:  “Will you hold me through me through the evening… will we dance among the rubble when the wildflowers are all gone?”

In the simplest of explanations, Wildflowers is a November 9, 2016 song. It is a letter to my husband. It is a song about falling more deeply in love every day while the world sits on the brink of nuclear war. The song was written from a place of complete and total despair, and is still the only true love song that I have ever written. — Sylvia Rose Novak
Watch and listen, here:


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