Listen: Song Premiere “All We Need” by Kane Miller

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Americana Highways presents Kane Miller’s song premiere “All We Need” from his forthcoming album due out next year.  This album was produced by Femke Weidema (Liz Rose Studio), a female producer in Nashville who came originally from the Netherlands; and mixed by Josh Reynolds. Miller wrote the songs and plays the guitar and sings on this track, while Weidema rounds it out on guitar and rhythm.

The purity of the vocals on this one will have you pressing play over and over again.   Believe that– they are pure and soaring.  Hailing from Lakefield, Ontario, Miller writes through some long cold winters about themes of the heart.  And this song, “All We Need,” will warm you with its ethereal reminder that “all we are is all we need.”

I wrote All We Need while huddled inside my home deep into the Canadian winter. It was around Valentine’s day and I was at the end of what I thought was a good relationship and the song kind of streams out what I was feeling at the time. It was a super quick write, I had the melody and some of the lyrics done in a couple hours one night and I went back and touched things up the next day. A few months later I went down to Nashville with parts of the song recorded at home and my producer, Femke Weidema, and I sat and listened and collaborated on the final vibe of the song and touched up the vocals.–Kane Miller


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