REVIEW: Jeffrey Foucault’s “Blood Brothers” Will Make You Smile


Jeffrey Foucault’s latest release, Blood Brothers (Blue Blade/Tonetree Records),  is a wonderful  collection of uplifting songs about real life that just makes you smile.  Recorded at Pachyderm Studios in Minnesota, this Whitewater, Wisconsin native has a warm,  emotional storytelling style and a beautiful voice to match. His veteran dynamic band,  featuring Billy Conway, Eric Heywood, Bo Ramsey, and Jeremy Moses Curtis join Jeffrey on a heartfelt tour of real life set to song. Foucault’s previous releases, including the critically acclaimed Salt As  Wolves from 2015, showcase his heartfelt stories,  poignant lyrics and delightful melodies, and Blood Brothers continues with those traditions.

He is joined by some fabulous and angelic sounding guest vocalists such as Kris Delmhorst (his wife and a great songwriter as well), Pieta Brown, Tift Merritt, Laurie Sargent, Kate Lorenz, and Kenneth Pattengale from the band Milk Carton Kids. His voice alone would be more than enough, with his fine, soothing tone and  his longing “high lonesome” timbre that just draws you deeply into his captivating songs.  From the opening verse of the first track “Dishes,” he  paints a picture of home, family and love together. “War On The Radio” is an uptempo country rocker that’s a slice of home front Americana. The arrangements are lush but not overdone….always tasty, with lots of room for his fine voice and his  melodies to breathe.

“Blown,” my personal favorite, is a heartbreaking duet with Tift Merritt, sparsely done but deeply moving. The title track, “Blood Brothers,” is a tale of love and recognition, of hope and loss surrounded by subtle, memorable pedal steel guitar lines and soft harmonies that warm your soul. “Little Warble” is a sort of sad lament , spotlighting Focault’s masterful songwriting skills surrounded by pretty little guitar melodies.  “Cheap Suit” takes you right to the back porch he’s writing about, a haunting story of a home, including an old Gibson guitar and a sense of loss. “Rio” is a warm love song that reminds one of a desert night, again fleshed out by Eric Heywood’s powerful pedal steel guitar melodies and ethereal  sounds. Blood Brothers is a joy to listen to…over and over. It feels like love, home, and an old friend from start to finish.

He is on tour now in the Midwest, with a European leg to follow. Go see him and this engaging band wherever you can…Jeffrey Foucault’s Blood Brothers is a collection of music that will bring you home. Enjoy!  And find his music, here.                                             

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