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Video Premiere: Magen Tracy and the Missed Connections “At My Age”

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Magen Tracy – “At My Age”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Magen Tracy and the Missed Connections’ song “At My Age,” which is part of her forthcoming album.  The song was produced by Ed Valauskas; recorded by Ed Valauskas at Q Division Studios and Mike Oram at Boonemusic;
mixed and mastered by Pat DiCenso.

“At My Age” is Magen on vocals and guitar; Stud Green on violin and backing vocals; Mike Oram on guitars and backing vocals; Sam Spencer on bass; Tamora Gooding on drums; Auggie Valauskas on upright bass; and Ed Valauskas on mellotron and chamberlin.

The video for “At My Age (Official Lyric Video)” was created by Fuel Heart Productions.  Against a backdrop of bright heartland rock, this song is a heavy hitter on the matter of women’s reproductive rights and the choices they ought morally to be able to make.  Sit down and be prepared to think.  

“At My Age” is a song about grief, anger, daughter/motherhood, and a women’s right to choose. It started out as a piano ballad about how much I wished I could hear my late mother’s advice during a difficult time—and her comfort and reassurance that prioritizing my own well-being isn’t a selfish act. Then, in June of 2022, the Supreme Court Dobbs vs. Jackson ruling came down. I got angry, and so did the song. I reached for my guitar this time, and it fell together–quickly, easily, and urgently. The sad ballad became an angry anthem…and a letter of love and hope to my own daughter about the kind of future I want for her. – Magen Tracy

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