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Goldpine – “Do You Have Me?”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Goldpine’s song “Do You Have Me?,” from their forthcoming album Two, which is scheduled to be released on September 8.  This song, however, will be available on July 14. The album was produced by Goldmine duo Benjamin and Kassie Wilson; engineered by Benjamin Wilson at Greensound Studio, except vocals engineered by Troy Brooks at Briarpatch Studio; with vocal production by Ron Browning. It was mixed by Jason Richmond; mastered by Dave McNair; with album photos by Raechel Curtis. All songs were written by Benjamin and Kassie Wilson.

“Do You Have Me?” is Kassie Wilson on vocals; Benjamin Wilson on guitar, drums and bass;  Kassie Wilson on harmonica.

The video was created by Raechel Curtis with editing by Benjamin Wilson.  Kassie’s rich and sultry vocals capture your attention first, and the song’s torment comes through from that point all the way to the end with tortured lyrics and emphatic guitar.  The video features the couple in a flowery bedroom, in the kitchen and throughout the house in changes of outfits to reflect the changes in the song, and the relationship itself, a nice accompaniment.

The relationship in this song is coming to a head, after the realization that one person is only in it for themselves. The bridge of the song brings an ultimatum: ‘You can meet me, you can stay. Change gonna come either way.’ Whether they want to recognize their own faults, or continue in their old ways will determine which type of change will happen. — Goldpine

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