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Song Premiere: Dale Watson “Ain’t Nobody Everybody Loved”

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Dale Watson – “Ain’t Nobody Everybody Loved”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Dale Watson’s song “Ain’t Nobody Everybody Loved” from his forthcoming album Starvation Box.  Starvation Box was produced by David Ferguson and engineered by Sean Sullivan.

“Ain’t Nobody Everybody Loved” is Dale Watson on 12 string acoustic and vocals; Mike Henderson on slide guitar and harmonica; Dave Roe on upright bass; Vince Herman on acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies; Pat McLaughlin on mandolin and vocal harmonies; and Pete Abbott on percussion.

“Ain’t Nobody Everybody Loved” is a gospel bash that finishes the record with flair. Abundant raw voices in loose call and response render this an authentic thrill, then the nimble acoustic guitar and mandolin keep the flow driving.  Dale Watson is a relevant pillar in the real country music scene and for excellent reason, and this song is certainly classic Dale.

I wrote this song inspired by my wife. She takes criticism from people to heart so I wrote this song to prove my point that even Jesus had haters and that should give everyone comfort. – Dale Watson

Find the music here:  http://orcd.co/dalewatson_starvationboxalbum 

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