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Show Review: Zach Bryan at Red Rocks

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Zach Bryan at Red Rocks Amphitheatre
June 26th, 2023

The moon was high in the sky over Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The wind was blowing high up on the top row at 6,450 feet above sea level and Zach Bryan, with his band of highway boys, were belting out song after song on the lit stage below. As the crowd poured in the show kicked off with opener Levi Turner, the first artist signed to Zach’s Belting Bronco Records. Following Levi was husband and wife duo Jonathan and Abigail Peyton. Jonathan has teamed up with Sadler Vaden (Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit) to release his next album. Zach has been vocal about his admiration for Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit, tweeting “almost embarrassing writing songs in the same lifetime as Jason Isbell.” So it’s no surprise he brings the emotion-evoking sounds of Jonathan Peyton out on the road.

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It was an iconic two-day stop of Bryan’s Burn, Burn, Burn tour where he played an epic show last winter as the snow blanketed the crowd. This time, a perfect summer night, a gentle breeze dancing through the crowd and a collective melody exchange among friends. The crowd, as always seems to go at a Zach Bryan show, delivered his words right back to him. A mutual exchange of we “don’t deserve you’s”, but we sure are grateful that you’re here.

This is how it feels at a Zach Bryan show. The fans are loyal and the “best in the entire world,” according to Zach. I’ve never felt anything like it. Men and women alike focused in awe of the vulnerability of his lyrics and the raw, gritty expression lingering through every song. Zach is relatable and experienced beyond his years. A 27-year old U.S. Navy veteran from Oologah, Oklahoma, he got his start by posting iPhone videos performing songs on his YouTube. Now, fans are anxiously anticipating his new, self-produced album, recorded at MilkBoy the Studio in Philadelphia, PA. He’s a self-made artist and a fervent reminder of the American dream. A sign of hope through hard times and the strength of vulnerability in a hardened world. He’s easy to love as he bleeds out his lyrics and reminds us that beauty can bloom from heartache.

There’s something about the way he smiles when people sing his songs. And the look in his eyes as he stares out into the ether. A surreal experience it must be. Between songs, always thanking the crowd for being there and expressing how much he loves every single one of them. And they love him. Always ready with the words when he steps back from the mic and graciously welcomes the voice of the crowd.

Songs like “Something In The Orange,” “Sweet DeAnn,” “Oklahoma Smokeshow,” “Heading South” and “Burn, Burn, Burn” always ignite energy from the crowd. He also played his unreleased song Hey Driver, a tune about being in a fight with God and making his way to Carolina for some peace.

Hey driver pull on over I’m in a fight with God
And this Carolina shoulder seems the place I’m gettin’ off

So take me down a road that’s a little bit windy
To a place they still put sugar in their iced tea
Where the the women are fine and the love is fair
Hey driver you can drop me off anywhere
Hey driver you can drop me off anywhere

It’s became standard for Zach to end his show with “Revival” where he brings everyone out, including some of his backstage guests. This time, we got a surprise keyboard solo from Christian McCaffrey of the San Francisco 49ers. On Twitter Zach said of the performance “running the field or running the keys? A brother of mine, was legendary man.” They might be brothers but there’s no question the blood runs thick in Zach’s loyalty towards the Philadelphia Eagles. At his New York show, just a week ago, Bryan brought up Giants quarterback Daniel Jones and dropped a “Go Birds” as they shared the mic.

It was a two-night run at Red Rocks for Zach, an intimate venue on the Burn, Burn, Burn tour. With less than 10,000 seating at the amphitheatre, folks found their spot across the aisles and on the walls surrounding the venue. Fans just can’t get enough of him. It was a cozy, packed house far up on that hill, surrounded by the iconic Red Rocks, where the collective voice rose to the sky.

Open the Gate
God Speed
Fifth of May
Highway Boys
Quittin’ Time
Oklahoma City
Sweet DeAnn
Sun to Me
Oklahoma Smokeshow
The Good I’ll Do
Something in the Orange
Heavy Eyes
Deep Satin
Hey Driver
No Cure
’68 Fastback
Heading South
Burn, Burn, Burn

Encore: Revival

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