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Video Premiere: Tommy Emmanuel “Daddy Frank (the Guitar Man)” feat Jamey Johnson, Jimmie Fadden & Bill Payne

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Tommy Emmanuel – “Daddy Frank (the Guitar Man)” featuring Jamey Johnson, Jim Fadden and Bill Payne

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Tommy Emmanuel’s version of Merle Haggard’s “Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man),” which features Jamey Johnson, Jimmie Fadden & Bill Payne. This song appeared on Emmanuel’s recently released Accomplice Two, and was recorded at Ocean Way Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee and engineered by Rory Rositas.

“Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man),” (featuring Jamey Johnson, Jimmie Fadden and Bill Payne) is Jamey Johnson on lead vocals; Jimmie Fadden on harmonica; Bill Payne on piano; Stuie, Camille, Sonny and Manaia French on backing vocals. Tommy Emmanuel plays electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums and sings backing vocals.

This video was directed and edited by Joshua Britt and Neilson Hubbard for Neighborhoods Apart.  Elegant and clear, Bill’s hands gently playing the piano keys and Tommy’s hands on the guitar strings set the stage for Jamey’s low, classic country vocals, and the result does this classic song more than justice. Rich and somehow homey sounding at the same time with powerhouse players.

I always loved ‘Daddy Frank’ because I related to the song—it was almost the story of my younger life. And there was definitely a calling for me to interpret the song. When I met Jamey Johnson and heard him sing, we both wound up singing Merle Haggard songs together, so this was the perfect song for us to collaborate on. I love the fact that I could get the French Family to come and sing the chorus of the song, because they are a family that sings together. It was a joyous song to record, I hope everyone enjoys it. — Tommy Emmanuel

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