Favorite Albums of April 2023

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Favorite Albums of April 2023

You voted!  And now the results from the readers’ vote for favorite albums of April 2023 releases are in! Congratulations top ten!  What a great bunch of albums this month! Check out this list to see what else was new, too.

The top three will be featured in our new AH playlist “New Americana Music” this month, here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/70zkunFIXYbcH0zKp5ktPV?si=V-hra8MQSLWEq7O0ShzoGg

Please heart & follow this playlist so it will grow and reach more music lovers and will be brought to the attention of our other playlisters too. (Find the playlists any time, on our website’s homepage.) Playlist: Back Roads

Playlist: Downstate on Apple Music

Playlist: Heartbreak City

Vote for your favorite May 2023 releases here: Vote for Favorite Albums of May 2023



1) Jake Ybarra “Something In The Water”


2) Ian Jones “Results Not Typical”


3) Dan Montgomery “Cast-Iron Songs”


4) Raveis Kole “In the Moment”


5) Adam Klein “Holidays in United States”


6) Julie Christensen “The Price We Pay For Love”


7) The Bootstrap Boys “Hungry & Sober”


8) Robbie Fulks “Bluegrass Vacation”


9) Natalie Merchant “Keep Your Courage”


10) William Bell “One Day Closer to Home”


10) Indigo de Souza “All of This Will End”


10) Robert Earl Keen “Western Chill”


10) Carter Sampson “Gold”














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