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Video Premiere: Roger Street Friedman “About You”

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Roger Street Friedman — “About You”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of ROger Street Friedman’s song “About You,” from his recent release Love Hope Trust.  The album was produced by Larry Campbell, engineered and mixed by Justin Guip. 

The album is dedicated to Felix McTeigue

“About You” is Roger Street Friedman on vocal, acoustic guitar, and acoustic solo; Larry Campbell on electric and baritone guitars, cittern, and electric solo; Jim Toscano on drums and percussion; Matthew Schneider on upright bass; Jason Crosby on harmonium and organ; and Teresa Williams and Lucy Kaplansky on background vocals.

The video was shot and edited by Jenny He.  Dark dreamscapes come to mind when the song opens, just before the story of loss of a friend unfolds.  Lines about still having your close friend’s number on the cellphone screen hit eerily close to home.  The video is shadowy footage of the band playing the song live in studio, rendering the whole thing very real.  Roger Street Friedman really manages to tug at your heart.  

This song was written after the sudden, and unexpected loss of my friend Felix McTeigue. It describes the sense of shock, loss and the hole that is left behind and is never really filled, and how the world is diminished by this loss. I wrote the song not long after I heard about Felix’s passing almost 3 years ago, but the feelings are as real today as they were then. I miss him very much. He was only 47 years old, with two young kids… it just seems so wrong and so unfair. Felix was a music producer and a hit songwriter. He was one of a kind… and he was kind, supportive and an incredibly creative soul. He was a force in my musical life and was always encouraging me to strive for the next level, and to believe in myself. I know that he is missed by so many, but will never be forgotten.

I’m so grateful to Americana Highways for releasing the video on what would have been Felix’s 50th. The recording session for this song was very emotional for me and the band. Everyone poured their hearts into it, I’m very proud of the track and the video and I think Felix would have loved it too. — Roger Street Friedman

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