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REVIEW: Matt O’Ree Band “Hand in Glove”


Matt O’Ree has a new album, Hand in Glove, due to be released on November 4. The album was produced by Matt O’Ree Band; recorded at: Shorefire Studios in Long Branch, New Jersey with recording engineer Joe DeMaio.  It was mixed and mastered at Sound Spa Studios with mixing engineer Steve D’Acutis.

Electric guitar leads are the first out of the gate for the album’s launch with “Whole Lotta Nothin’,” a sexy song of noticing her from across the room and new beginnings.  But listen closer, it might turn out to be a song of regretful endings.   “Walking on the Edge of My Dreams” continues the intense bluesy energy and it’s a heavy rock n roll celebration by now.  “Can’t Undo” is a more thoughtful song, this time a love song, with that feeling of wanting to fix everything for the one you love.  

“Stepping Stone” queues up Eryn on lead vocals and a power buildup to accepting the things we can’t control: “destiny has a mind of its own.”  “Wake Up and Live” and Matt takes the lead with his more fluid vocal tones: “don’t worry about what could have been.”  “So Lonely” is another restrained, swaggering number with distorted electric again with “millions of reasons of things to be thankful for.” 

The album’s lyrics offer a lot of solid life advice amidst the grooves.  

Musicians on the album are Matt on guitar and vocals; Eryn O’Ree on vocals and mandolin; Layonne Holmes on vocals; Lex Lehman on bass; John Hummel on drums; and Matt Wade on keys. Graphic art design on the album is by Eryn O’Ree, with photography courtesy of Estelle Massry.

All songs were written by Matt O’Ree Band. ”So Lonely” also co-written with Kristin Rose Kelly.

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