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Show Review: Amanda Shires at Belly Up Tavern

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Amanda Shires brought her fiddle, her wonderful music and quirky personality to the world-famous Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, CA. Shires is out promoting her newest solo album, Take It Like a Man. Shires interacted with the crowd throughout the night, at one point telling one audience member how much she liked her shirt, and she really wanted it. No word on if her wish was granted.

Many of the audience were obvious fans of Amanda and were singing along with all the songs. As a matter of fact she pulled one such fan up on stage to sing along on her cover of Harry Styles’ “Late Night Talking.”

Shires’ fiddle playing was featured throughout the night but there were a few songs where it was just her and her microphone.

She took the time to explain that she never knows what to do with her hands when she isn’t playing fiddle or guitar, so her Highwomen bandmates gave her some pointers. Hard to describe in writing but fun to watch her demonstrate.

Her husband, Jason Isbell, found this so funny that he added one in for her, he called it the “towel twirl” or the “throw your shirt in the crowd,” where you walk around the stage twirling your hand above your head like you’re twirling a towel.

Amanda and her band really enjoy being on stage and it shows! If you haven’t seen her live I highly recommend you do!  Find more tour dates and information here:

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Here is the setlist from the show:
Eve’s Daughter
Break Out the Champagne
White Feather
Hawk for the Dove
Take It Like a Man
Empty Cups
Fault Lines
Here He Comes
Bad Behavior
Stupid Love
Lonely at Night
Parking Lot Pirouette
Don’t Be Alarmed
Pale Fire
The Problem (Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit cover)
Saddle in the Rain (John Prine cover)
My Own Galaxy
Late Night Talking (Harry Styles cover)
Look Like a Bird


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