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Ringo Starr — Modell Lyric Opera in Baltimore- article co-written by Jade Clarke and Melissa Clarke. Photos by Melissa Clarke unless otherwise noted.

Ringo Starr PeaceRingo Starr

The All Starr Band’s “Yellow Submarine” has risen in the Chesapeake Bay and its residents came forth to grace us with a performance at the Modell Lyric in Baltimore Maryland a few days ago. Along with the rest of the adoring crowd, Americana Highways got to experience Ringo Starr and His All-Starr band in Baltimore on September 7, a mere 3 days after the documentary smash hit Beatles documentary Get Back, directed and produced by Peter Jackson, won an impressive five Emmys — and 2 months to the day after Ringo turned 82.  The band and the audience were pumped.

Ringo Starr

A mix of top sensation hits thrilled the audience all night — Beatles songs like “Yellow Submarine” and “Octopus’s Garden,” “I Wanna Be Your Man,” and “With A Little Help From My Friends,” and  Ringo Starr tunes “It Don’t Come Easy,”  “Photograph,” and “Back Off Boogaloo.” And some from Men at Work (“Down Under”), Toto (“Rosanna”), Average White Band (“Cut the Cake”), and of course Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein.”  (Full set list below.). 

Ringo, who is releasing an EP (EP3) on September 16, spoke to the audience like he knew folks, he was personal and easygoing.  He sang like a lark and danced and skipped with ease alongside band members and solo too.  Back on the drums he plays minimally — each drumstrike matters —  and true to the instrument — never too much, and always with a creative flair. 

The All-Starr band is Sir Richard Starkey with Colin Hay (Men at Work), Steve Lukather (Toto), Warren Ham (Toto), Hamish Stuart (Average White Band), Gregg Bissonette (Toto), and Edgar Winter. 

Colin Hay, whose recent album is highly compelling and well worth the listen, sang beautifully with powerful clear tones ringing out through the house. 

Colin Hay

The mood was warmed by the light and kindness of Ringo Starr’s peaceful interactions and smiling antics; and that energy was counterbalanced as we were rocked hard by Edgar Winter’s killer keyboard riffs on “Johnny B. Goode,” and “Frankenstein,” and by Steve Lukather, Colin Hay and Hamish Stuart throwing down seriously on electric guitar, with the essential flute on “Down Under” and hard drivin’ saxophone on multiple songs by Warren Ham.  Gregg Bissonette engaged in tight interplay with Ringo on drums.

And of course, has there ever been a more balanced combination precise and dynamic drummer than Ringo Starr?  No, surely there hasn’t.  

Ringo Starr


A wave of peace signs rippled through the audience after every song. Hands would shoot up with two fingers extended swaying gently left and right, surrounding the band members in a moving aura of peace and love in motion.


Steve Lukather w/RIngoEdgar Winter

There was a point midway through the show where Ringo exited off stage for a moment or two, and solo songs were played in turn by the other band members leading — a bit of a break for each one without taking an outright intermission.  

Ringo reappeared in a fantastic, gossamer silver and blue shimmery jacket.  


Later on, during “Who Can It Be Now,” someone in the crowd turned and said “You can see these guys really love playing together,” and immediately after that comment, as if on cue, Colin Hay turned and stuck his tongue out at Ringo sitting back on the drums.

They really do demonstrate that they love what they’re doing, and it’s an elixir for the crowd.

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The plethora of reflected positive energies that mingled in the air between the band members and the audience throughout the show was simply mind melting, good vibes all around. 

Ringo Starr

Ringo continues his Peace & Love Campaign in celebration of his own birthday each year; a video just below.  Catch him when you can.  Find more tour dates here: https://www.ringostarr.com/tour.

The setlist is also below.  

Info on the Peace & Love Campaign is here:


Ringo Starr


(Carl Perkins cover)

It Don’t Come Easy
(Ringo Starr song)

What Goes On
(The Beatles cover) 

Free Ride
(The Edgar Winter Group cover) (with Edgar Winter)

(Toto cover) (with Steve Lukather)

Pick Up the Pieces
(Average White Band cover) (with Hamish Stuart)

Down Under
(Men at Work cover) (with Colin Hay)

(The Shirelles cover)

I’m the Greatest
(Ringo Starr song)

Yellow Submarine
(The Beatles cover) (With “Day Tripper”)

Solo Set
Cut the Cake
(Average White Band cover) (with Hamish Stuart)

(The Edgar Winter Group cover) (with Edgar Winter) (Bissonette drum solo with “… more )

Octopus’s Garden
(The Beatles cover)

Back Off Boogaloo
(Ringo Starr song)

(Men at Work cover) (with Colin Hay)

(Toto cover) (with Steve Lukather)

Work to Do
(The Isley Brothers cover) (with Hamish Stuart)

I Wanna Be Your Man
(The Beatles cover)

Johnny B. Goode
(Chuck Berry cover) (with Edgar Winter)

Who Can It Be Now?
(Men at Work cover) (with Colin Hay)

Hold the Line
(Toto cover) (with Steve Lukather)

(Ringo Starr song)

Act Naturally
(Johnny Russell cover)

With a Little Help From My Friends
(The Beatles cover) (with ‘Give Peace a Chance’)


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