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Song Premiere: Angela Easterling “Grow Old”

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Angela Easterling — “Grow Old”

Americana Highways presents this premiere of Angela Easterling’s song”Grow Old,” from her forthcoming album Witness. Witness will be available on October 28th. The album was produced by Brandon Turner and mastered by James DeMain.  In addition, it was engineered by Brad Phillips, Buddy Strong, and Ian Guthrie.

“Grow Old” is Angela Easterling on vocals, harmony vocals, and guitar.  Brandon Turner played acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel, and resonator guitar; piano, organ, banjo, and harrmony vocals.  And Don McGraw played bass; with Jeff Hook on drums and percussion; Ian Guthrie on harmony vocals.

There’s a lot of music out in the world covering a range of subjects, but this song by Angela Easterling breaks new ground.  “All of a sudden it got quiet,” is the opening line of this song of introspection and searching one’s soul for what matters.  Throughout, she highlights gratitude for the time we had — you know when it was — to connect to your core values.

The pandemic certainly put things into perspective for me. If you would have asked me my biggest dream for my life before 2020, it would have been career-based or lifestyle-based; like getting one of my songs in a Target commercial, or being able to tour to other countries, and play a bunch of really cool dream gigs. Only the good ones. Suddenly, all of our lives ground to a screeching halt. Everything changed. One day, I was pushing my newborn baby along in his stroller, and I asked myself, “What is one thing, just one thing I want from my life?” The answer came to me, so clear. I want to see my children grow old. — Angela Easterling

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