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Video Premiere: Chris St. John “Lost Without Your Love”

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Chris St. John — “Lost Without Your Love”

Americana Highways presents this video premiere for Chris St. John’s song “Lost Without Your Love,” from his forthcoming album When Dreams End, due to be available on September 2. The album was produced by Stephen Wrench at Musik and Film (; mixed by Dave Hagen and Joe Trentacosti; and mastered by Stu Stapleton.

Musicians on When Dreams End are Chris St. John on guitar and vocals; Leah Haley, Kristen Rogers, and Molly Cherryholmes on backing vocals; Wayne Killius on drums and percussion; Michael Spriggs and Carl Miner on acoustic guitars; Mike Durham and James Mitchell on electric guitars; Allison Prestwood, Jimmy Carter, and Dave Francis on bass guitars; Mike Rojas and Luke Mosely on keyboards and piano; Molly Cherryholmes on strings. 

“It’s hard to say I love you, and I don’t know why,” starts the thoughtful song by St. John —  we have all been there — we do love them but it’s difficult and yet, we can’t live without them either.  Sometimes love makes you cry, and this song by Chris St. John will make you love and cry and feel all awash in emotions.  All that completely presented in a video with sunsets, meadows and pretty guitar playing. 

This album started as a single, turned into an EP, and then became an LP. I was working on one single, but other melodies and songs came into my head, so I kept writing. It all became a cohesive body of work, and somehow the single became the title track to the album When Dreams End. I then wrote the actual single “Lost Without Your Love”, while packing for Nashville to record.

“I was getting ready to record my new LP When Dreams End in Nashville recently. The album needed one more good song, and I didn’t think other material I had written was fitting for the mood of the album. While packing, I picked up my baritone guitar and out came “Lost Without your Love.” It’s a simple love song about how vulnerable we make ourselves when we fully expose our hearts to another. When we fall in love, we all know there is the potential for a devastating kind of pain if our love is unrequited. It’s about letting go of that fear to find the fulfillment that only real romantic love can bring. — Chris St. John

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