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Americana Highways is hosting some new songs by Rick and friends: Rick Drevet on guitar, bass, dobro, and keys; and Mark Pappalardo on drums with Rusty Wright on vocals.  Hailing from St. Peters Missouri, Rick and friends just released their self-titled album on July 22.

A couple of songs stand out to characterize the band’s sound and focus.

“Living Day to Day” is a broad commentary on the unpredictable ups and downs of every day life.  Listen to the song, and be ready for its chorus “Sometimes you’re up/ Sometimes you’re down/ One day the ditch the next a crown/ Knew where I was….. goin’ I had a plan/ Now it’s Livin Day to Day, the best I can” to see for yourself:

This band creates music for the honest messiness that is life today, whether it’s internal daily struggles, or the bigger sudden catastrophes that come out of nowhere that we were never expecting.

All over the world, waterways are the literal lifeblood that connects us one to another.  Rick and friends bring this song of awareness of the power and joy the local creeks and rivers can bring to those of us on the banks.  This video for “River Creed” also puts an all-too-common experience in the spotlight — sudden river flooding.  Life delivers, and it takes away.  The song serves up a metaphor for the power of nature, and the greater effects on the fragile life residing within it.

If you’re looking for Southern Rock music served Midwestern style, check out these songs and the rest of the album too.  Find more about Rick and friends here: https://rickfriends.com/home

Listen and watch, here:


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