Song Premiere: Goldpine “Wander Away”

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Goldpine — “Wander Away”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Goldpine’s song “Wander Away,” from their forthcoming album One, due to be available on August 26.  The album was produced by Benjamin and Kassie Wilson; engineered by Benjamin Wilson; mixed by Jason Richmond; and mastered by John Baldwin at Infrasonic Sound in Nashville.  It was recorded at Greensound Studio in Nashville (their home studio).

“Wander Away” is Benjamin Wilson and Kassie Wilson on vocals; Benjamin Wilson on electric and acoustic guitars, drums, bass, and keyboard; and Kassie Wilson on harmonica.  Goldpine is folksy and falls within the Americana genre but their musical arrangements are very innovative and eclectic.  “Tell ’em how you feel, say it all out loud,” is good advice and there’s a lot of love in this song too.  Check it out.

This song seems to be releasing at a time when people really have mental health on their minds. With the rise of social anxiety, suicides, and mental health awareness – it seems that people are looking for healing more than ever. “Wander Away” delves into the trenches here, and resolves with the idea of fixing your eyes on ‘a thing far more glorious,’ which for us, has been God’s grace and mercy. So much healing is found in that place. — Benjamin Wilson

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