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Song Premiere: Hunters Chorus “Luck”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Hunters Chorus’ song “Luck,” from their forthcoming album. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at his studio the Atomic Garden in Oakland.

“Luck” is Elyse Ader on viola;  Jason Slota on percussion; and Ramon Fermin on guitars and bass. This instrumental is plain old groovy and fun. You’ll instantly want to throw down the blanket on the grass and dance all around it in the summer sun.  It’s that kind of song. It’s delicate and beautiful too.

“Luck” came about quickly while I was exploring some percussion patterns on the guitar. I wanted to come up with a groove that I could play on the guitar that felt as fun as playing the drums. Elyse and I worked out the viola part at home when making the initial demo. Jason brought a bag of percussion goodies to the studio and came up with his part on the fly – then we just played it live a few times and went with the best take. Later on Elyse added the second viola part, and I overdubbed the bass. We initially tracked “Luck” during the sessions for our last album, but decided to save it for this record as we felt its energy better matched these songs. — Ramon Fermin

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