Delta Spirit

REVIEW: Delta Spirit “One Is One”


Delta Spirit – One Is One (New West Records)

For One Is One, their latest LP, San Diego’s Delta Spirit does little to deviate from the template they’ve created over their past few records, blending a more modern-sounding Indie Rock with snatches of folk and Americana. It was forged after their first couple of records and the band seems to have settled into their sound. And that is certainly not a bad thing.

The album begins with the atmospheric “Villains,” backed by an electronic dance beat but it’s on the title track, just two songs in, where the band starts to show their strength folding in seemingly disparate influences like Depeche Mode and Trent Reznor into a powerful indie rock sound. By “What’s Done Is Done,” they have hit on an anthemic tune to rival The Killers. Lest you think this is all boisterous stadium singalongs, “Lottery Ticket” is a quieter introspective piano backed track as is “Jane Pauley,” an impressively focused song with cello (and while the venerable broadcaster is not the sole focus of the song, she is finally mentioned toward the end, just in case you were curious). But the clear standout song on the record is the sonically beautiful “Thoughts On Seneca” with immaculate harmonies over a plucked acoustic guitar and strings; It may be the band’s finest moment yet in their decade-plus career.

Lyrically, the songs here are not overly complicated, but they still manage to deal with life’s big issues. “Our cup of tea is making epic and cinematic music,” said frontman Matthew Vasquez. “This music was adventurous for us. It’s full of positivity and beauty. I hope those feelings are reflected back for people.” The cinematic feel is obvious in the sweeping, build up in the closing track, “On & On (Look Away),” a powerful cap to a solidly impressive record.


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