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REVIEW: Andrew Blanton “Way Out in the West”


Andrew Blanton Releases Way Out in the West

“At times when I’m lonesome I howl up at the moon
And drive down these dark roads And dream of what I’ll do”

That’s what singer songwriter Andrew Blanton sings on the title track and 4th song of his Way Out in the West release, and dang it all, if that lyric didn’t reach out and smack me in the head. It’s a line I can really relate to, and one that for me, perfectly captured the loneliness and restlessness the mind can conjure to torment oneself, and the simple need to point the car towards the west and just, drive and heal.

Raised in the DFW metroplex, Blanton currently resides in Austin, Texas. Playing the songwriter circuit in Austin isn’t easy. Hell, it isn’t easy where I live near OKC, but Austin? Yeah, boy. That scene is stressful. Maybe even more than Nashville, Austin is a town chock full of infamous ghosts of songwriting past. What you’re trying to do, it’s probably been done before. So, while there’s familiar hints to be found in Blanton’s songwriting such as the infectious whimsy of “Room” or the folksy country blues of “Drop Me In,” it’s what he’s successfully able to do with only a minimalist approach to accompaniment that allows him to really stretch things out. As he sings in, the albums third track, “I Should Have Known Better,” “It’s easy / To be dreaming when you’re feeling like you own this whole world.” Blanton has managed to convey that swagger throughout the five songs represented here in his debut. Indeed, he’s even made it look easy.

Blanton says, “My goal is to create a dreamy-western landscape for the audience that brings them hope and lifts their spirit. My dream is to one day have the resources to put together shows with multiple bands, and create an atmosphere that the audience will connect to.”  Way Out in the West does exactly this. It presents a unique dream-like western landscape nestled within an atmospheric soundscape coalescing somewhere between Townes Van Zandt and the Pet Sounds era Beach Boys. It’s simple in all the best ways with introspective lyrical content, and highlighted by smart, subtle guitar work. It’s one of those albums of songs that unravels a bit more with each subsequent listen and at least for me, has brought a little smile with each spin.

Way Out in the West was recorded by Andrew Blanton at the Mayfair Terrace in Austin, Texas with
audio mastering completed by Jeremy Fowler at Musicity Productions.

You can purchase and stream Andrew Blanton’s, Way Out in the West via Bandcamp here:

You can also learn more about Blanton by visiting his website here:

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