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REVIEW: Mitch Linker “In Time”


Mitch Linker

Mitch Linker has a new album out, In Time, just released earlier this month. In Time was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered and recorded by Brett Kull (Echolyn, Grey Eye Glances, Rise Twain) at Catapult Sound and Chateau Fornance, except some recordings by Pace Ferro at Pharoah Recording Studios. All songs were written by Mitch Linker on this, which is his first full-length solo album in 15 years.

Musicians on the album are Mitch Linker on lead and backing vocals, drums, piano, keyboards; Brett Kull on lead and rhythm guitar, bass guitar, background vocals, percussion and keyboards; with Katie Barbato on backing vocals on “Chance Encounters” and “Overwhelming Times.”

“Catastrophizing” is a very timely commentary on contemporary life, as lines like “I’m rehearsing for the worst, yeah, I’m catastrophizing” speak to the trembling anxiety in all of us right about now.

Next up, “Lift Away” is a mid-tempo number to ease you down from the anxiety.  The shock has worn off and this breathes a bit of hope with easy vocals and fiddle. “The bad days lift away too” is good to remember.

“That’s What You Always Hear” is more contemporary jangly indie folk in style, and you can really hear the purity in Linker’s vocal tones here. “It’s not what they say, it’s how they make you feel.”

“Up To Date” is a song of talking all night long catching up on life’s stories. A new beginning. “The Hour’s Drive,” and now the new relationship is underway — with a distance.

“A Minor Hit,” is nostalgia for a lesser played songs. “It took my breath away,” and this one features glorious piano.

“Documentary” sees the album returning back through reckless decisions once again — coming full circle to the beginning again.

Listen to the cd all the way through and it traces a theme from an abrupt start and one of life’s shocks, straight through to the middle and picks itself up to carry on again as life repeats itself.

Mitch also released two cds in 2020. The first was also produced by Brett Kull in 2020, I’ll Take My Chances, and then Linker released one on his own, Maybe Tomorrow.

In Time is on the folk rock, indie edge of Americana.  Mitch Linkers’s vocals are pure of heart as he crafts songs of life’s repeating high and low patterns. Check it out here:

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