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Video Premiere: Wreckless Strangers “Sun State”

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Wreckless Strangers — “Sun State”

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Wreckless Strangers’ song “Sun State,” part of their album When the Sun and a Blue Star Collide, due to be released on May 20. The album was produced by the GRAMMY-winning Colin Linden. It was recorded at Calliope West, and engineered by John Whynot with assistant engineer Sean Beresford.

All songs were arranged and performed by Wreckless Strangers with Colin Linden, with horns arranged and performed by Jim Hoke.

“Sun State” is Charlie Musselwhite on harmonica; Colin Linden on guitar; Amber Morris on vocals; David Noble on lead guitar and vocals; Joshua Zucker on bass; Austin de Lone on keys; Mick Hellman on drums and vocals; and Rob Anderson on guitar.

The video was animated by Josh Clark http://www.joshclarkstudios.com

Wreckless Strangers shine a light on the power of sun charged energy busting through.  “I need sunglasses just to get a good look at ya’.” And “set your nature to shine”!   The animated video is thrilling from the opening animated harmonica, rollerbladers and a cyclist, the Golden Gate Bridge to the sunlit dancers — inspiring!  Sun state is a time of mind.

The artist really captured the essence of the song so perfectly. It portrayed the message of how acknowledging the light in others can set off a chain reaction of love and positivity, and how good it feels good to be under that umbrella! It actually made me feel tears of joy! I loved that we asked for SF Bay Area landmarks and not only were they delivered, but they were thoughtfully integrated into the storyline. The romance vignettes were sweet! I really enjoy it! Well done! — Amber Morris

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