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Song Premiere: Reid Jenkins “I’m Alright”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Reid Jenkins’ song “I’m Alright,” from his forthcoming album.

On “I’m Alright,” Reid Jenkins is on organ and vocals. As soon as you get to the line “I guess I found a way to lean into the pain,” you’ll  be hanging on each word.  His songwriting connects easily with the part of us that struggles and stumbles and finds our way back.

 I tend to overthink. So when I went through a prolonged period of not feeling like my best self, I put a lot of pressure on getting to the bottom of why I was feeling that way, as if it were a giant puzzle to solve. “I’m Alright” sprung from a moment I had walking down the street, during a period when I cautiously started noticing that I was feeling better. Instead of going down my usual rabbit hole – “I need to know why I feel this way so that I don’t slip backward” – I allowed myself a moment to stop analyzing, justifying, and explaining away my darker emotions. I wrote “I’m Alright” to capture this feeling of relief, and also to remind myself that, as important as it is to think and deconstruct, it’s also important to feel my feelings as they are without the burden of analyzing them. — Reid Jenkins

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